Here’s your chance to win two books on earning an income with your art! The books are: Consignment: Key Selling Tips for Authors and Artists Making Merchandise from Art Just click through and comment on the thread for your chance to win! BVAA Facebook Art Book Giveaway The giveaway is open to US residents and… Read More

Book 9 – The Klutzy Kangaroo – is going live as we speak! This gives you just enough time to read short stories 1 through 8 before it’s ready. Book 1 is free! Heck, they’re all free if you’re in Kindle Unlimited :). What are you working on today?… Read More

Today! Today! It’s the January 15, 2018 submission deadline for our Anything Goes open photography show! There’s a separate category for film photography & cyanotype images! 2018 Anything Goes Photography Show Please Share the news and tag friends! What have you created today? Let us know, we’d love to see images!… Read More

Only 14 days until the submission deadline for the 2018 BVAA Anything Goes open photography show! The deadline is Monday, January 15, 2018. There’s a separate category for film images so get those done and developed! What have you photographed today? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to see it! Aim… Read More

Happy New Year everyone! The latest edition of the Mused Literary Review is live in beautiful responsive design! We’d love feedback. PDF and Print versions are coming soon!… Read More

If you haven’t listened to The Lucky Cat yet on Audible, I highly recommend it. The narrator does a beautiful job bringing the story to life! If you prefer ebook, it’s free on Kindle :).… Read More

Evening meditation time. I’m working on a new project to document the homes with candles in windows in my town. It’s such a lovely tradition to help lost travelers to their destination. We all could use a guiding light. Join me in meditating for just ten minutes. #namaste… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving! My black kittens Zuzu and Felix are now 4 months old. I’m grateful they are in our lives & growing healthy and strong! Today they’re celebrating Thanksgiving Day by forming a M for mischief. It’s what kittens do :). Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!… Read More

Hurrah! I just put live the Audible version of Book 8 in my cozy zoo mystery series. The narrator for this series is absolutely amazing! You definitely need to give her a listen. Book One in this series, The Preening Peacock, featuring Puerto Rican amateur detective Rosalinda Alameda, is FREE on Kindle. I also have… Read More