The History of Sutton Massachusetts

from 1704 to 1876

The History of Sutton Massachusetts The History of Sutton Massachusetts
This version of the History of the Town of Sutton Massachusetts from 1704 to 1876 is a labor of love by Sutton resident Lisa Shea. Lisa has lived in Sutton since 1996 and has run a genealogical website for Sutton since those early days. She has answered thousands of questions from visitors around the world on her website. One of her personal quests was to get the classic 850-page tome, History of Sutton, fully online and annotated in an accurate, useful manner. The book has a wealth of genealogical data, personal stories, and historical gems.

This ebook version is currently 1,085 pages long. It has all the text of the original, all images placed optimally throughout, and the footnotes are integrated into the text. Even the errata are integrated, with full notes in place about each change. Where other versions of this book are chock-full of typos and issues, including in the genealogical data and dates (!!) Lisa made an enormous effort to vet the results. She knows how important accuracy is in a document like this.

Lisa will be adding in her own color photos and details about the present state of Sutton, based on your suggestions, so that this can become even more useful going forward.

Please feel free to contact Lisa with any ideas and suggestions! Together we'll make this a highly valuable document not only for our own research, but for those who come after us.

The cover image was taken by Lisa - this is the Blackstone River at Singing Falls, at Tricentennial Park in Sutton.

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