Boston Freedom Trail

The Boston Freedom Trail is an amazing way to learn more about the history of the United States and to explore gorgeous locations throughout Boston. This easy to follow walking trail takes you past a number of historic locations.

Boston Freedom Trail I've walked the Boston Freedom Trail many times and enjoy it fresh each time I go. It begins in the center of Boston Common, in itself a beautiful spot with many things to see and enjoy. You simply follow the trail marked on the ground as it moves past the Boston State House, Old North Church, and a variety of locations.

You go through the Italian section of Boston, chock full of delicious restaurants. You pass the Paul Revere House. Some locations, like the Paul Revere House, require an admission fee to enter. Others, like several of the churches, offer free tours and lectures.

The Boston Freedom Trail ends up at Old Ironsides, the historic naval vessel "USS Constitution".

The Boston Freedom Trail can be walked quickly in perhaps an hour and a half, but a more reasonable pace including a stop for lunch is about three hours. This gives you time to explore a few locations and soak in the beauty of the locations. This included the full trail in both directions.

Photos from the Boston Freedom Trail
Freedom Trail Plaque

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