Eastham Massachusetts Photos and Trivia

Nauset Light

Eastham, Massachusetts

Eastham was one of the first places the Mayflower people touched ground after arriving from England. It was officially settled by Europeans in 1644. Before then the Nauset tribe lived there.

A highlight of Eastham is the Nauset Light. First built in 1877, this lighthouse had to be moved back from the shore so it didn't fall into the ocean. It is 48 feet tall. It was officially decommissioned in 1996 but still serves as a private aid to navigation.

Nauset Light - Eastham MA

In Men In Black II they claim to visit a lighthouse in Truro, MA but it's actually Fire Island Lighthouse in NY which is filmed.

Eastham Trivia

A third of the town is dedicated to the Cape Cod National Seashore.

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