Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts Photos and Trivia

Birthplace of Jaws

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Martha's Vineyard is known for one thing world wide - Jaws. This is the notorious place where 'We're gonna need a bigger boat' became a catchphrase. It's also home to gorgeous gingerbread Victorian houses.

I adore Martha's Vineyard. It's a short ferry ride from the Cape and a wonderful town to wander around. It has its own vineyard, as you might guess from the name! And, yes, the Jaws tie-ins can be quite fun.

Martha's Vineyard has Gay Head lighthouse. Back in 1799 this region was heavily trafficked by whalers and other boats - a wooden lighthouse was built to help keep them safe. It was rebuilt with brick and is currently 170 feet tall. In 2015 the lighthouse was relocated to a more stable location.

Gay Head Light - Martha's Vineyard MA

Martha's Vineyard Trivia

Martha's Vineyard includes the main island as well as the smaller Chappaquiddick Island, which connects and disconnects based on storms and tides.

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Let me know if you have any other notes, photos, or trivia to add for Martha's Vineyard!

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