Truro Massachusetts Photos and Trivia

Truro Light

Truro, Massachusetts

Truro is technically two separate towns - Truro and North Truro. This is the last stop along the Cape before you reach the very end at Provincetown. This is part of the Outer Cape, and is over half dedicated to the Cape Cod National Seashore. It has gorgeous dunes!

Truro is home to the Truro Light / Highland Light / Cape Cod Light. In Men In Black II they claim to visit a lighthouse in Truro, MA but it's actually Fire Island Lighthouse in NY which is filmed. The Truro Light was built in 1797. Over the years it has been rebuilt in brick. Because of erosion the lighthouse has been moved and it may need to be moved again. It was automated in 1987. It's 66 feet tall.

Truro Light - Truro MA

Truro Trivia

Actor Anthony Perkins of Psycho fame was born in Truro.

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