Highfields Grafton Massachusetts Golf Course

The Highfields Golf Course is located in Grafton, Massachusetts. Fees range from $25 for walking 9 holes to $55 for weekend play of 18 holes with a cart. This course is VERY new - the clubhouse was only built over the summer of 2007. It's a large, lovely building. Luxury homes built alongside it are still for sale.

It's a well maintained, challenging course. There are some holes which are relatively open but there are enough risk-reward shots to make it interesting to any person at any level. At the price and well located it's a bargain for area golfers. Expectation is that the rates will rise once they get everything in place.

It's not overly hilly, not overly flat, but provides a good variety of holes of varying types. There aren't any "oh, wow" holes, though. One negative is that they're selling too many houses around the course and they seem to encroach. There are too many, too close. They've overdone that a bit. There are a couple of holes where there are very strict out of bounds lines because they've built houses that close. We don't mind risk shots where we screw up and lose a ball - but it's less fun if you are 30 yards off your target and risk harming a family. That's not a fun golfing challenge. And they are literally that close.

Greens are of good size, pretty well kept, and of a medium speed. Quicker than the typical municipal course but not of a speed that would make an amateur scared. There is the occasional hole where it's a little on the quick side, or a slope where if you're in the wrong part of the green you could be in trouble.

There are a few spots in the course because of all the houses and the way they've laid it out that the distance from one green to the next tee is somewhat lengthy. It's less than ideal for people who prefer to walk.

Highfields Golf & Country Club
150 Magill Drive
Grafton, MA 01519

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