Kettle Brook Paxton Massachusetts Golf Course

The Kettle Brook Golf Course is located in Paxton, Massachusetts. It is a relative baby, only opened in 1999. This land was originally farmland, and in fact the barn next to the course is considered fair play.

Kettle Brook is a public course with 18 regulation holes. As of 2007 there's a special deal for 9 holes on Mon-Thu from 12:30-3pm for $20. Usually rates are $22 to $36. If you go on a Sat, Sun or Holiday before noon they tend to require a cart.

The course is lovely, set in a beautiful, woodsy environment. There are several risk / reward shots. For example there's one hole about 320 yards, where a 200 yard shot to the middle of the fairway is the wise play, to avoid the sand traps all down the left hand side after that point.

Kettle Brook is generally a professionally styled golf course, well laid out. It's a step above several other nearby courses.

There are quite a few hazards - generally one side of every hole is where you cannot go. It's either out of bounds on the left, or out of bounds on the right, or a water hazard. There is some conservation land in there which are boggy water hazard areas. Normally with a water hazard if you find your ball you can play it - but here you're not even allowed to look for your ball. Course knowledge is important, for those reasons.

Kettle Brook Golf Course
136 Marshall Street
Paxton, MA 01612
(508) 799-GOLF

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