Pakachoag Auburn Massachusetts Golf Course

The Pakachoag Golf course (pronounced "paka-chohg") is located in Auburn, Massachusetts and provides 9 holes of regulation golf. It is a public golf course and was created in 1932.

2007 fees are $16 on weekends and $14 on weekdays for 9 holes. This course is commonly referred to as "pack-a-helmet" because it is a full length course with average sized greens, but there are several holes where it goes up and down side by side, and you can play a hole from that fairway, from one fairway to the left or one fairway to the right. The word "fore" is regularly heard through the course of a round.

There is very little water, and very little sand. It's a relatively open course where you can pretty much bomb away. There are the few holes where there are out-of-bounds, where the course touches on private property.

It is especially beautiful on a fall day, in clear weather you can see for miles. One of the benefits of an open course layout without a lot of tree cover is that you get these beautiful views in all directions. Also, the gusty winds can really add interest and challenge to the course. A more protected course might not see this impact.

You can rent carts, although it is more common for people to walk. It's not particularly hilly and the distance between a green and the next tee is generally not long. The clubhouse does offer snacks.

It's a good course for the price. From our perspective, it's a great place for regular play, to hone your game. It's a very forgiving course.

Pakachoag Golf Course
Upland Street
Auburn, MA 01501

The Pakachoag Golf Course does not have a website.

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