Pleasant Valley Sutton Massachusetts Golf Course

Pleasant Valley Golf Course is a private course located in Sutton, Massachusetts which at one time was a stop on the PGA and LPGA tour circuit. This was from 1962-1999. Joining this country club is very expensive (over $10,000) plus additional yearly fees plus annual spending requirements.

The restaurant here is very nice and is open to the public for lunch hours. They have an outdoor patio and offer a light sandwich / burger meal menu.

The course is very well kept. It is long. The design is relatively open, but the length is part of its defense. It is an icon of golf in central Massachusetts so it's one of those places that you have to play if you get the opportunity. There are a lot of enjoyable holes. Other courses in the area do offer the same enjoyability, though. It is the length that stands out here.

Pleasant Valley Golf Course
95 Armsby Road
Sutton MA 01590

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