You Know You're From Massachusetts If ...

Other states are boring! Massachusetts residents are completely unique, with their own way of looking at the world.

You know you're from Massachusetts if ...

* You consider a yellow light as a sign to speed up.

* You know how to pronounce Worcester and Gloucester.

* You compare with friends what Boston was like pre-Big-Dig and post-Big-Dig.

* You've spent a summer hanging out on the Cape.

* You shudder in October when all the tourists come up to clog the roads for foliage season.

* As a kid, there was more than a foot of snow on the ground, and you STILL had to listen to the radio to see if they'd declare it a snow day to cancel school.

* You've had to shovel your car out from snow up over its tires - and you still took it out on the road that same day.

* An April weather warm-up of 60F or more meant it was time for a tshirt.

* You've grilled on your back porch when there was snow on the ground.

* You understand why they call it Taxachusetts.

* You've ever made a run to New Hampshire to get alcohol without sales tax.

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