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The EnjoyMA.com website was created in 2002 by Lisa Shea, a local Massachusetts resident. In its beginning years EnjoyMA was all about links. Back then the web was just getting started and most companies didn't have an online presence yet. This site was an easy way to organize all the events, restaurants, and locations in one easy-to-use location.

Over time the web has become ubiquitous and Google has stepped up to provide an in-depth searching utility. Now when people want to find restaurants, events, or locations, they usually just Google it. Also, at the rate restaurants go in and out of business, maintaining all the links on this site became a full-time occupation.

So Lisa is now retooling this site to provide collections of photos and information from her own, personal visits to these towns. This isn't stock photography that you'll find on every other site out there. These photos were taken by her on her visits in person to the towns. She walks the grass, explores the historic buildings, and reports back on what she finds. You're getting a personal tour guide to the beauty of Massachusetts!

She'd love to hear your feedback on this new focus of the website!

Here are the towns she's written up so far. Her aim is to work on them one a day, and to get through all of them in about a year! Quite a project!

Massachusetts Towns

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