Salem Massachusetts Photos and Trivia

Witches and Warlocks

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is perhaps best known for the Salem Witch Trials. During these dark days men and women were put to death under suspicion of being witches and warlocks. In modern times it's home to many Wiccans and the entire month of October turns into a party.

Salem's also home to the gorgeous Peabody Essex Museum - I've been there many times!

Salem has an interesting lighthouse - the Derby Wharf Light is a short, squat, white lighthouse built in 1871. It's only 25 feet high and was automated in the 1970s. It was deactivated from 1977-1983 but is back in service again.

Derby Wharf Light - Salem MA

Salem Trivia

Roger Williams, who went on to found Providence, Rhode Island, was born in Salem.

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Let me know if you have any other notes, photos, or trivia to add for Salem!

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