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Logan Airport is one of the main hub airports for the northeast. It is HUGE and can be extremely confusing, despite the airport's best efforts to put up giant colored and lettered signs to help you know where you are going. The new tunnel helps with traffic quite a bit, but in general the Big Dig can get you lost miles out of your way if you are not careful.

I've flown out of Logan MANY times and my best advice is - go 3 hours early for your flight. Take time to research where you need to go BEFORE you get there. I park in long term economy, which means you have to wait for a shuttle to get you and take you to the airport, and then navigate the massive gate areas.

Yes, there is food located inside the terminals. So go very early, then bring a book and/or pack a lunch for yourself to eat there. That way if you get lost for 1/2 hour going in loops, or end up waiting 20 minutes for a shuttle, it won't matter at all. You'll still have plenty of time to get your plane.

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