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Millville Lock

Millville, Massachusetts

Millville is a tiny rectangular town - but it's not even in the smallest 15 in Massachusetts based on population! It's got over 3,000 residents. It was first settled back in 1662. By land, it's barely 5 acres in size. That's it. For the entire town.

Really, Millville is considered a suburb of Providence. But in terms of dividing Massachusetts up into semi-coherent sections, it ends up being the far, far western end of the South Shore area.

Millville is a sub-sub division. First there was the large town of Mendon. Then Blackstone broke off of it. Then Millville broke off of Blackstone.

One of Millville's claims to fame is that it has the only remaining fully intact canal lock left from the entire Blackstone Canal length. The Blackstone Canal once ran from Worcester, MA to Providence, RI. There were locks all along its length to raise or lower the boats. You can still see this Millville lock by walking along the bike trail and then taking the side-path down to the river. Here's a few photos I've taken of it and the nearby railroad bridge.

Millville, Massachusetts

Millville, Massachusetts

Millville, Massachusetts

Millville, Massachusetts

Millville Trivia

Up through 1980, almost 98% of residents in Millville were Irish Catholic. * * *

Let me know if you have any other notes, photos, or trivia to add for Millville!

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