Wineries in Massachusetts

Massachusetts makes wines that are truly world class. The sparkling wines of Westport Rivers in Westport, MA have been served at the white house and win top awards in international competitions. There are wineries in every corner of the state, and even Nantucket Island and Martha's Vineyard both boast a winery. For traditional meals, you can even find delicious cranberry and blueberry wines! Visit each winery, and you will discover that each one has a different, unique, delicious offering for you to try.

Massachusetts Winery Map

Active Wineries
Winery NameLocation
1: Furnace Brook Winery Richmond, MA
2: Chester Hill Winery Chester, MA
3: West County Vineyards Colrain, MA
6: Inn Wines Hatfield, MA
7: Charlton Orchards Charlton, MA
8: Hardwick Winery Hardwick, MA
9: Nashoba Winery Bolton, MA
10: Afina Winery Ashburnham, MA
11: Alfalfa Farm Winery Topsfield, MA
12: Russell Orchards Ipswich, MA
13: Church Street Winery Raynham, MA
14: Plymouth Colony Vineyards Plymouth, MA
15: High Hill Vineyards Dartmouth, MA
16: Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery Westport, MA
17: Cape Cod Winery Falmouth, MA
18: Truro Vineyards Truro, MA
19: Chicama Vineyards West Tisbury, MA
20: Nantucket Vineyards Nantucket Island, MA

Inactive Wineries
x: Mellea Winery West Dudley, MA

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