Leicester Massachusetts Photos and Trivia

Spooky Spider Gate Cemetery

Leicester, Massachusetts

Leicester is the town immediately to the west of Worcester. It was settled in 1713 and incorporated in 1714. It's just under 25 square miles. It's up against the Worcester Airport and some of the runway area is in Leicester. It's a fun place to watch planes come in and out. It's got just over 10,000 people living there.

While Becker College is primarily in Worcester, they do have a campus in Leicster.

It's also famous for the Spider Gate Cemetery!

Spider Gate Cemetery Leicester Massachusetts

Leicester Trivia

You pronounce this town's name "Leh-ster" like it rhymes with "Chester". Blame the British for this sort of stuff - it's rampant throughout Massachusetts.

Eli Whitney of Cotton Gin fame went to high school here.

Spencer used to be a part of Leicester, before they broke away.

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Let me know if you have any other notes, photos, or trivia to add for Leicester! All photos here were taken by me, Lisa Shea.

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