Millbury Massachusetts Photos and Trivia

Quiet Mill Village

Millbury, Massachusetts

Millbury is a delightful town. My boyfriend plays in a band so we're often here playing at one place or another. They have the Elm Draught House for movies and a number of nice casual restaurants.

No big surprise that a town named "Millbury" has mills in its past. It used to be part of Sutton but in 1813 it split apart to become its own town.

In 2013 Millbury almost had a casino! The town voted against it, though, and it's retained its small-town charm.

Millbury Trivia

President William Howard Taft vacationed in Millbury when he was young.

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Let me know if you have any other notes, photos, or trivia to add for Millbury! All photos here were taken by me, Lisa Shea.

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