Arturo's - Westboro
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This restaurant really does it right. We have become regular, return customers. The daily tenderloin special is always imaginative and delicious. Also the antipasto is great - it changes nightly - marinated shrimp, roasted vegetables such as red peppers and eggplant, white bean puree, slices of tomatoes with fresh mozzerella cheese, thinly-sliced prosciutto, olives, marinated mushrooms, slice of fritatta - just as an example. They have an excellent selection of desserts, every bit as good as their dinner food! Last time, we had a peach tirumasu and have enjoyed their rich chocolate selections,layer cakes, and other selections. Oh, yea, and the mixed drinks at the bar are wonderful - lately I tried a champagne martini with raspberry vodka, sparkling wine and a touch of cranberry juice - perfect and not too sweet.

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