Bergson's 1790 House - Westboro
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My wife and I dined at the 1790 House on a Wednesday night so I didn't beleive reservations would be necessary; I was wrong. Next time, make a reservation. We sat in the "tavern" until a table was ready. My wife had a Bailey's butterball that was excellent. I ordered a draft beer and found that Bergson's only has one (1) draft beer and it had been out for 3 days. -If you only have one draft beer, you think it would be available all the time, right?
We had our table in 20 minutes. The table was clean and well set. For appetizers we ordered the scallops wrapped in bacon (they were excellent) and the crab-cakes. (The crab cakes were OK at best. To much bread, not enough crab.) We had fresh pumpkin bread and butter before the meal and it was very good. I ordered the Pork Tenderloin and my wife the Chicken stuffed with scallops and shrimp. The Pork was very good but the "boiled red potatoes" served with it were served room temperature- they couldn't melt butter. The chicken was OK- slightly dry. The scallop were mushy and the shrimp so small you had to look for it.
For desert- Hazelnut cake and a raspberry tort. Both were very good. It did take a while for the waitress to bring and she (without being asked) took the price of desert off the bill because of the wait.
All in all- the atmosphere was very nice. I strongly recommend reservations. Being out of the only draft beer they offer was a let down but the other cocktails were excellent. The food was very well portioned but should have been served hot; and the chicken would have been better with a scallope sauce instead of stuffing.
I'm willing to go again but this time will do Lunch instead.

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