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Sato is located in a strip mall off a busy street, right next to a large wine shop. You might think this would make for a fast-food experience. However, once you step through the door and into the restaurant area, your world slows down.

Part of the effect is the decor. I love the fabric squares that cover one wall, quilt-like. The tables are large and have white tablecloths. Not pretentious, but nice. The staff is eager to please and they were super-quick to fill up our water glasses and bring our food. On the other hand they gave us ample time to talk and review our menus before coming over to take our orders. A good balance of both worlds.

My friend LOVES the dragon roll and caterpillar roll here, and also enjoys being able to order equally from the Chinese and Japanese menus. Their daily specials are quite a treat. I on the other hand went straight for the sashimi platter (just over $20) plus some miso soup and cold sake. They served it in a hot sake pottery cup which was a bit odd, but it was tasty.

The miso soup was a bit on the thin side, with the seaweed and tofu adding texture to it. The gyoza could be cooked steamed or fried, I went for steamed and we enjoyed them immensely. The sashimi cuts were nice and thick, while the rolls were incredibly tasty. My friend had the special - chicken in basil sauce - and it was *really* delicious with a rich sauce.

For dessert we had the chocolate mousse cake which was perhaps the only disappointment, it was not very rich or creamy. Still, ordering something like that for dessert at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant was unwise in the first place. We should have gone with a flavored ice cream :)

Highly recommended for the sushi and the other dishes as well!

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