Ann's Lakeview Restaurant - Bellingham
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This restaurant was once called Eric's Lakeview Restaurant and was famous for it wonderful prime rib dinners on Friday and Saturday nights as well as the best seafood in the area. Unfortunatelly the new owner has been unable to maintain this statue. The prime rib is still served on Friday and Saturday nights but has become more a 'hit or miss' as to if you will get a good, tender piece of rib. The once famous fried seafood, now arrives at your dinner table over cooked (bring a hammer). The dinner salads are large and ample but now made with pre-package lettice. The favorite desert is still Bliss Ice Cream though the varity has been reduced to about 9 flavors from the original 30 or so. Seating is limited and long waits on Friday or Saturday night used to be the norm, not any more. If your looking for a good dinner, you might consider traveling North a few miles to The Outback, or MacDonalds

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