Jake's Dixie Roadhouse - Waltham
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Rating: 4 / 5

It's hard to run a real Roadhouse / BBQ place in Massachusetts. If you put something on the menu that says "hot", most of the people who order it will complain that it is TOO hot. Then if you make the menu to most of the customers, the few people who recognize authentic food will complain that it is too mild.

That all being said, Jake's does a great job of pleasing everyone. The decor is funky but clean, sort of a trendy version of roadhouse decor. The waitstaff was very friendly and prompt, very eager to please.

Jake's offer a variety of traditional dishes, from ribs to pulled pork to catfish and more. I had the North Carolina pulled pork for $12.95, quite tasty. We got Catfish appetizers, they were little pillows with quite a tender inside. The Jalapeno poppers were crunchy on the outside, with a cream cheese filling. The beans were nice and dark.

I do have to say that the house sauce was quite a lot like ketchup, and the 'hot' sauce was like mildly hot ketchup. But again, you figure they are catering to local tastes and have to keep things reasonably mild. We wanted wine with our meal, and they only had ONE glass of any red wine left in the house - a Renwood Zin that was light, almost sweet. We were eating here before going to see Sideways and really wanted wine with our meal, so they were nice enough to run down the street and get some more for us.

There were only 2 desserts on the menu, and neither really appealed to us. So we paid and headed out!

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