Bin 479 - Sturbridge
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We stumbled onto Bin 479 when looking for a quick glass of wine, and we have been back many times since, despite the 40 minute drive from home. The leather chairs when you come in are a delight to relax in, and the arms are large enough to rest the cheese plate comfortably between you. We love the cheese plate - it includes a changing selection of cheeses, breads and fruit and is large enough to share. We have had great conversations with Greg, the owner, who loves to describe different wines and vineyards. He brings a personal touch, which is often missing in today's restaurants. The food is very good and service is excellent. We also like the art work which is a series of paintings of wine being poured into glasses. This is a great place to unwind as well as to have a lovely dinner with friends. We just wish it was closer to home!

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