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One of the worst dining experiences I have had in a long time.
We waited a long time to order cocktails. When they came, the waitress brought wine in three different sized glasses. One of the glasses was half full. One was the wrong wine.
We ordered the stuffed mushroom appetizer. When it finally came, it was cool and mediocre.
When we were finally allowed to order our meals, we asked for a few different dishes, some additional bread (to the ten small pieces given to the six of us), and another round of drinks.
Five of the six of us got our second drinks (in yet more sizes of glasses and at different levels). None of the dirty glasses were collected. We are still waiting on the sixth drink.
After a long while, two entrees arrived. These two people waited a few minutes in the hope that the rest of us would be served shortly. Finally, they had to eat before their lukewarm dinners became cold. After twenty minutes, three more entrees arrived. They were all cold. The sixth was nowhere to be seen.
That was when we finally decided to complain. We asked the poorly trained waitress to see the owner and for the sixth entree. The owner did not come, but the waitress did try to give us a sixth meal. Too bad it was the wrong one. (Do not think our problems were unique. The people behind us got one round of drinks and did not get to order. They were, however, offered the same meal that was wrongly offered to us).
When some of our party finally did locate and confront the owner, he did not respond and did not make eye contact. He did go over to yell at the waitress and bring us a bill only for our appetizer and some of our drinks. We paid the minimum on there and left, hungry.
Viva Bene is in a great location and is attractive. It is too bad the owner is so busy counting the money he makes from the DCU crowd to bother to train his people and respond to his customers. The only reason I will ever go back is to get a refund on the gift certificate we were unable to use that night.

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