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The 111 Chop House is the partner to the Sole Proprietor, a very famous seafood house in Worcester. The Chop House is the Chicago Steak House, which also does in fact serve seafood if you really want it. Their main draws are delicious filet mignon and tenderloin.

The restaurant is one gigantic room, all hardwood, which is Very Loud. You might be lucky enough to get a semi-quiet nook to the side, but most people are right in the middle, or near the noisy kitchen, or near the noisy bar. So be prepared to talk loudly.

The wine list is SIMPLY INCREDIBLE. There's an entire large multi-column page dedicated to wine, with very very small print. They've won the Wine Spectator award twice in a row for their wine list. It's not just full of filler. They start with very good wines and go up into the spectacular wines.

And really, don't skimp on the wine. Because the food is so incredible that you'll want a wine that can stand up to it. The filet mignon is extremely tender and rich. The asparagus in hollandaise sauce is crisp and fresh. The creamed spinach is far better than any you've tasted. We raved over the mushroom stuffing in another dish, with its five types of mushrooms in a rich sauce. The salads were bursting with flavor, the appetizer of salmon was highlighted with capers. The dessert was the perfect ending.

I saw one guy in here with tshirts and jeans, but that's really not the style of the place. It's shiny hardwood, elegant old posters, brass and shine. It's full of happy people out to really enjoy a special occasion. Put it on your list for that celebration!

Menu: Specials include everything, or you can order your steak a la carte.
Wine List: Absolutely INCREDIBLE Wine-Spectator-winning list with many amazing rare bottles
Dress: Very nice - many have jackets and dresses. A few come in in collared shirts and nice jeans.
Staff: You get 3 or 4 people waiting on you, and plates literally did not wait more than 10 seconds before being cleared. We considered making it a game to see if we could catch them off guard.

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