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One of my favorite restaurants is The Castle in Leicester. First, the building is great. It's an old stone building done up on the inside to resemble an old castle, with shields and other decorations on the walls. The tables have linen, the chairs are wooden and solid, each woman in the party gets a rose by her plate. Next, the food is amazing. This is where cooks go to train after they've graduated from cooking school. The selection of dishes and desserts is fabulous, and the wine list has won numerous awards.

I've been here several times and have enjoyed it greatly each time. I usually go for the specials but their mainstays are also great. On our last trip we had salmon and escargot which were both delicious, and then antelope and sweetbread as our appetizers. Both were quite delicious. The dessert menu includes flaming coffees that are created right by your table, and a dessert tray that is extremely hard to resist.

A must visit for a special occasion.

Menu: Elegant options, large selection, lots of unusual items
Wine List: Award winning, very large
Dress: Most are in suits and dresses
Staff: Very helpful and friendly

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