Miyako - Danvers
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New owners bought this Japanese restaurant and revamped it. The place is immaculate and large with many hibachi tables to dine at as well as a sushi bar, regular dining room and bar. I started with a spicy tuna roll. The heat was perfect and the crunch was incredible. Me and my family decided to dine at one of the hibachi tables. Me and my husband got a couple of Mai Tais which were fruity and tasty, especially topped with the dark rum. The dinner starts with a house salad and a clear soup. I loved the salad dressing. The chef came and gave us an incredible show, flipping his spatula and pieces of food around plus making flames. We all got the steak and shrimp combo. Perfectly cooked and flavored just right. Not a bad price for the amount of food and show you get. Each of the dinners cost 19.95 and drinks were only 7.50 each.

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