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Escargot is located in the strip of buildings along Main Street in the center of Marlboro. You might think by the name that this is a solely French restaurant. However, one source lists them as "Thai-French" and another as "Japanese-French". The menu has one back page of French items, the rest of the menu has Thai items, Japanese items, and other selections. The decor is more Thai than anything else.

My dinner-mate hadn't had Thai or Japanese food before, so we got a lot of dishes between us so I could have leftovers. We began with soups. She had a seafood soup which she enjoyed greatly. Mine was a glass-noodle soup - Tod Yum - which was equally as good.

Next, one of my favorites, chicken satay, with the cucumber and also peanut sauce. Both were great and we ate those up quite quickly.

On to the main dishes. We had Pad Thai, Beef Masaman Curry, Beef Teriyaki, and a Seafood Mix. All were delicious! The Pad Thai was flavorful and moist. The curry was rich and spicy, without being overwhelming. The mix had an assortment of different items to sample. The Beef Teriyaki was flavorful. With it we had a Cambria Katherine Chardonnay which went wonderfully with the lighter dishes.

Finally, time for dessert. They had lychee on the menu, which is a great fruit to have fresh. However, I wanted to try the Rambutan, which I'd never heard of before. It's a fruit that is grown in Thailand, much like the Lychee. Here is a picture of it, cut open to show the inner fruit.

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