Pleasant Valley Golf Course - Sutton
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Rating: 4 / 5

The Pleasant Valley Golf Course used to host PGA tours, and they have the cancelled checks on their walls from Ben Hogan and other greats to prove it. It's a members-only course, but their restaurant is open to the public.

Decor is elegant but understated. There is linen on the tables and wooden chair with leather backs. Large windows on one side overlook the concrete patio and then the golf courses beyond. It's very nice, but it doesn't intimidate you with its pretentiousness.

The menu is relatively small, only a few appetizers, and then a handful of salads and dishes. The wine list has perhaps 6 whites and 6 reds on it, and you have to ask for it. Still, the wines on the list were quite good. We shared the thai calamari appetizer which was QUITE tender and delicious. The main dishes we had were all done very well. My shrimp scampi was quite tasty. The staff was attentive but not overbearing.

Dessert was coffee and a two cake options. We tried the chocolate cake and enjoyed it greatly. We sat talking for quite a while and there was never any pressure for us to move along - the staff made sure we were comfortable and let us hang out.

A great place for a brunch or an afternoon chat.

Menu: Elegant options, but not a huge selection
Wine List: Good but small selection
Dress: Not a rigid code - business casual is fine
Staff: Quite friendly and helpful, willing to do extras to please

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