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You can tell that you've been around Worcester for a while when you begin to trace the rise and fall of various restaurants. There are SO many great restaurants around here, and of course restaurants open and close with some regularity. There was an excellent Indian restaurant on Shrewsbury Street called Jewel of India that was our favorite place, and was the favorite of many of our friends. We would often get take-out from there when we couldn't actually stop in to eat.

So we were very sad when Jewel of India shut down. As much as we enjoyed Zipango's sushi - the new restaurant that moved into the location - we really missed our Indian food. So when we heard that some of the owners of Jewel had moved across the street to open up the new Surya restaurant, we of course had to go.

We went with another couple pair after the yearly floral event at the Worcester Art Museum. It wasn't that late - maybe 7pm on a Thursday night - but there was only one other couple in the place. Maybe it was just a bit too far back from the road? The restaurant is sort of hard to find, tucked in a corner by a computer repair shop. Still, the decor was lovely, with the Indian paintings and decor that we rememebered from the other restaurant. The staff was quite courteous.

We ordered a variety of dishes, including veggie samosas and cheese pakoras. My boyfriend, low carbing, ordered a gobi-gobi - i.e. aloo gobi without the aloo (potato). They were quite happy to accomodate. They had a reasonable selection of wines for the food, and we got a bottle for the table.

Everything was served promptly, with water glasses refilled nicely (something I *always* appreciate). Each dish was quite delicious. The samosas were crispy, the pakoras were tasty, my palak paneer was smooth and scrumptious. My boyfriend's gobi gobi was quite nice. Our couple friend enjoyed their selections as well.

We wanted to sit around and talk for a while, but even though the restaurant's hours said it should be open for another hour or two, the restaurant was now completely empty and the waitstaff seemed a bit anxious to head out. So we paid up and left.

A few weeks later we had a craving for Indian, and I called in the order - palak paneer, lamb saag, samosas and gobi-gobi. When my boyfriend showed up to pick it up, they recognized him and his order immediately. The food was just as tasty as before, each dish being quite delicious and well balanced. It even was tasty when re-heated the next day.

Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys Indian food - and I really hope that more people track it down in its new location! I worry that with too few visitors, they might decide to move elsewhere, and get out of reach!

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