Whistling Swan - Sturbridge
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Rating: 4 / 5

This restaurant is located in Sturbridge and has that feeling of 'elegant colonial New England'. They do have a cheaper restaurant ("the Ugly Duckling") associated with them, but the Whistling Swan side is made for the rich antique hunters and the proud 'my ancestors came over on the Mayflower' visitors that want a great dining experience.

I went there with my dad and found the wine selection to be great and the menu to be full of delicious items. The restaurant itself is old-elegant, meaning it's not very comfortable and makes you worry if you've used the right fork or not. Still, for a special evening in the Sturbridge area, this might be worth looking into.

Menu: Great high end food
Wine List: Great selection
Dress: Nice - skirts, dresses, dress pants
Staff: Quite friendly and helpful, willing to do extras to please

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