Bergson's 1790 - westboro
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Rating: 2 / 5

Although the atmosphere is charming, the food and service leave much to be desired. My family and I dined there for Thanksgivng this year, and were looking forward to a relaxing upscale dinner. Right off the bat, the server brought us a room temperature bottle of champagne. I brought this to her attention, and she proceeded to try and convince me that it was in fact cold and had just come out of the cooler. She finally offered to bring it in the back and "cool it down". It was still warm when she brought it back, but I no longer had the energy to argue. Well, onward and upward or so we thought. The one highlight of the evening was the bread that was on the table, delicious. After that it went down hill. We never saw our server again, and our entrees were insulting. My mother and brother ordered the seafood caserole which consisted of microscopic pieces of lobster and four, yes, four shrimp floating in milk topped with breadcrumbs. My sirloin, which I ordered medium rare was tough and difficult to eat. After this I had my heart set on a piece of pecan pie to save the evening. The "Pecan Pie" was nothing of the sort. It tasted like rum custard with no sweetness to it mixed with crushed, crushed?! pecans. Well, needless to say we will not be returning.

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