Oxhead Tavern - Sturbridge
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Rating: 3 / 5

My mom remembers coming here when she was in college, so it's been around quite a while! It's very much in the style of a traditional New England tavern, with a lot of wood and comfort food. The appetizers are skins, sticks and rings. There are a few salads, plsu things like chicken pot pie, broccoli alfredo and a tuna melt. I went for the baked salmon but they were out, so I chose the fish & chips. They were OK, with a small, boring salad. We had an Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc that had tart flavors of green apple.

Usually I'm full by dessert but this time there wasn't much zing to the food so I was still hungry. Unfortunately none of the desserts seemed even remotely interesting, so we just left.

A nice little family restaurant that has nice, casual food for kids - but not a special place for a nice night out.

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