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I've been to several events at the Crowne Plaza, and have eaten at the restaurant several times as well. There's a small bar near the lobby, and further past it is the main restaurant area. This once was CP Whitneys, and is now a bistro. The decor is the same, though - polished wood, nice etched glass wine case, two levels. The paintings are the English hunting style. The wait-staff was friendly, prompt and very helpful.

I'm writing the review from a recent trip, but the experience was similar on other times we've gone.

I had the veal, while my friend had chicken. The food was very elegantly presented - and my veggies came in little "bundles" wrapped up. I didn't finish my meal because it was so filling, and brought half home to my boyfriend - he really enjoyed it even as leftovers and commented on the presentation. My friend also didn't get through her meal and brought some home.

On to dessert, I had carrot cake while she had the raspberry cheesecake. Both were really tasty! The cheesecake was fresh and the berries fruity. My carrot cake was just the right amount of tender and flavorful.

We've gone with larger groups and everyone has tried something different - and we all really enjoyed what we got. The waitresses really go out of their way to help people feel comfortable and get just what they want.

Well recommended! Let me note that while it's not obvious, they will validate your parking, so make sure you ask before you leave.

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