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Rating: 4 / 5

Normally our networking group eats at Cheng Du's, but recently the gorgeous weather had us wanting to eat somewhere with large windows. Mulligan's fit the bill perfectly. Their light, airy restaurant is surrounded by large windows that let you watch golfers hit balls and runners race by. The cream walls and fresh, clean atmosphere really is lovely.

We were hit and miss with our drink orders. Two women ordered iced tea, but found it so off tasting (chlorine?) that they had to send them back. Another woman ordered a riesling but was brought a peach white sangria instead. I took that off her hands and enjoyed it immensely. The menu was around $15/plate and had items such as lobster ravioli, veal, chicken parm, and so on. There were sandwiches as well as various appetizers. A free treat on the table was a nice hummis with pita bread. Everything was generally light, fresh and interesting.

We ordered a variety of dishes, and they were brought quickly - even the person who arrived late got her dish almost at the same time as the rest of us. I got the veal for myself and it was really tasty, with a gorgeous sauce and fresh vegetables. Other people enjoyed their dishes equally.

For dessert I got a creme brulee and others simply got coffee. Usually you're supposed to have a cool custard with a broiled, hot top - mine was more warm throughout :) Still, it was quite tasty.

On the downside, we were sort of abandoned after the dessert was ordered. Many of us were out of water and the water glasses were never refilled. We got our check, but when I put the credit card in (clearly visible) and put it at the end of the table, it was never picked up. We waited quite a long while and chatted, but finally I had to go seek out the waitress and ask to get a signable copy.

That being said, the food in general was quite good and the prices were quite reasonable. Well recommended, and you don't even have to belong to the country club to eat here!

Menu: Nice selection of light, flavorable dishes
Wine List: Good selection
Dress: Generally country-club nice
Staff: Fast food delivery but slow check processing

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