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Rating: 2 / 5

Had dinner reservations for 8 PM. Arrived on time and were told it would be 10 minutes until our table was ready. 15 minutes later we were seated in the piano bar. We requested a different table in the restaurant, and were told it was closed for a wedding. While the piano player was good, it was a little close and loud, and it got louder when the piano player took a break and they pumped in music. It got even worse when the wedding's band opened up over head. At times it was difficult to hear a conversation. And there was only the poor bar keep to wait on the bar and about ten tables. We were served our appetizer in good time, but then waited about an hour for the next course. And then our salads and entrees arrived together.

The food was mixed. Antipasto was great. Drinks were overpriced. Clams & mussels so-so. Caesar salad was very bland. Veal a bit on the tough side.
On the plus side, the complimentary valet parking was nice, but definitely necessary - only on street parking. Definitely not the place for a nice quiet dinner out. Recommend you insist on which venue you are seated in when reserving and when being seated.

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