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My husband and I have always enjoyed dining at the Ugly Duckling in Sturbridge. We celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary on May 3rd and the meal was outstanding. We ventured back with a friend who was in from Boston and we raved about our dinner - Prime Rib - that we had there recently. Needless to say, we were all disappointed. The wait for our appetizers was about 20 minutes - the restaurant was not busy. When our soup arrived it was "warm" it was sent back to be reheated. The Prime Rib was horrible. Again, we had to send it back to be reheated and it came back overdone. My friend took one bite and it was not eatable. Our server was no where to be found. Again, the restaurant was not busy. She finally showed up with the check and we expressed our displeasure and we received a "Sorry". I asked if there was a new chef - and she said no. We had to rate our dinner a "0". One does not mind spending the money for a good meal but we all walked away disappointed, and still hungry.

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