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A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AT CHLOÉ, specifically the compellingly damaging atmosphere created by the bartender, a middle aged woman with blond hair. I must first clarify that I have never in my life written a letter to a restaurant to voice my experience, either positive or negative, but the incredibly off-putting ambiance produced by this employee was frankly disturbing, and, sad to say, memorable in the most depressing sense of the word. Recently, while in the Hudson area for an appointment, I decided to visit the bistro with some friends and colleagues. Upon walking up to the bar, the unenthusiastic disposition, arrogant glances, and inhospitable, antagonistic demeanor of the bartender was truly phenomenal. Her condescending, unpleasant interaction with us was at an off-putting intensity I have never encountered in any establishment. What was even more disconcerting was the means by which she interacted with the wait staff. I have never witnessed a bartender and fellow colleague treat coworkers with such contempt and condescension—and the owner did nothing. Again, I have never witnessed such openly, pessimistic interactions in a bar / restaurant setting of this supposed quality. I have also told many friends and colleagues about our experience and will continue to do so. From my understanding of local feedback, the owner is non-responsive to any feedback and continues with business as usual. DON'T go there. If you do, and encounter the incredible bad service many have, WALK out. I wish I did.

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