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Rating: 5 / 5

Tiano's is located in an unlikely place - an old brick mill right in the heart of Worcester, in with a pool hall and next door to a cut-rate furniture shop. You have to look for the small sign on the door, then take the elevator up to the 3rd floor. You wonder what you're getting yourself into. And then you step into the hallway, and there they are.

Tiano's is a single room, with a bar to the right and a row of windows to the left. Most diners sit in one of three long rows of tables down the center of the room. Call ahead to get one of the window seats - with their wooden partitions and generous spacing, it's a far more cozy dining experience.

A live piano player keeps the mood rolling while you place your order. They have a delicious selection of Italian dishes, with something for everyone. The wine list is good, and they offer several half bottles if you're not drinking enough to warrant a full bottle. They take special orders as well - one time I went my dining companion was on a diet, and they created a special dish for her to suit her needs.

The desserts are interesting and tempting. One time recently I had the creme brulee sampler, which came with three separate small creme brulees. Each was delicious and different!

Not an inexpensive meal, but definitely perfect for that special occasion, if you can get that window seat!

Menu: Elegant options, but not a huge selection
Wine List: Good selection including half bottles
Dress: Nice - skirts, dresses, collared shirts, nice jeans are OK
Staff: Quite friendly and helpful, willing to do extras to please

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