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Rating: 4 / 5

Vinny T's is a hopping joint, especially on warm, summer nights. Their patio overlooks the Quinsig River and sunsets can be truly gorgeous there. There are also a great line of tables right along their windows, overlooking the water. I've been here in all seasons, and it's always great to sit over the water, enjoying the food and the atmosphere.

The restaurant is upscale Italian, with delicious, fresh bread and a wide variety of dishes. They have pizza and pasta, plus chicken, beef and veal to suit all ranges of diets. There are two main rooms which are very open, with wood floors and plaster walls and ceilings. What this means is that the place is LOUD. Every time I've been here - even at late hours - it is hard to talk or be heard. This is fine if you and your girlfriends are going out for fun - but is rough for a romantic meal or for any situation where a lot of talking is going to be done.

Service definitely comes with a smile, and the wait-staff do their very best to please. They are generally quite prompt with bringing food and clearing away dishes. I've enjoyed everything I've had, from the appetizers to salads to main dishes. They are fresh, done well and taste like quality ingredients were chosen. The prices are higher than your average Italian restuarant, but there's a reason for it.

Well recommended for a special night out, as long as you don't mind the high volume!

Menu: Great collection of Italian themed options
Wine List: Good selection
Dress: Casual is quite fine although some come in dressed up
Staff: Quite friendly and helpful, willing to do extras to please

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