109 Lakeside - Marlborough
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Rating: 4 / 5

I've eaten many times at the 109 Lakeside. It's located, oddly enough (grin), on a lake right off 495. It's quite easy to find and get to, which makes it an ideal central meeting spot for several people I know.

If you had to describe it, it's sort of an upscale pub. There's a glass roomed off bar area with TVs, but in the main restaurant area it's quite and nice. It's not huge - maybe 20 tables or so - but I've never seen it chock-full so seating isn't a problem. They have burgers for $6.50 and NY Sirlion for $18.95, with a number of items in between. If you're going low carb or low fat, they're quite happy to make substitutions for you.

I've had an odd run of luck with their liquor supply. It seems every time I show up and order a drink, a key ingredient of my chosen drink is missing and I have to choose something else. We've also had some bad luck with a few of their wine offerings. On the other hand, the service is very friendly and quick, and the food is quite tasty. You get a good meal for the prices you pay.

The atmosphere is nice enough - wood patterned floor, wood tables, nice benches on the side. I wouldn't take a date here for a romantic evening, but it's quite fine for getting together with the girls and having a long leisurely dinner with a lot of joyful conversation.

Menu: Standard pub fare - swordfish, steak, burgers, pasta.
Wine List: Only a few choices, we go with the mixed drinks
Dress: casual
Staff: Very friendly and willing to go the extra mile

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