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Simply the worst! We decided to order food as a treat for the kids. We placed an order at 3:15 and were told it would arrive in 30-40 minutes. After we called again the food finally arrived, over an hour and a half after being ordered. The driver asked "are we late?" when my husband went out to get the food. The food ranged from cold to lukewarm. I reviewed the order while my husband re-heated the food for the kids and discovered there was no rice. After everything else this was simply too much & we called to complain. The woman who answered the phone at first insisted the food did not come with rice until I told her to look at her menu (it does). They did send a single container of plain rice (should have been two) which arrived 20 minutes later. To add insult to injury the food was hideous even after being warmed...the kids wouldn't eat more than 1 chicken finger each. The sesame chicken and orange flavored chicken are sub-par and exactly the same...once you remove the sesame seeds. Our youngest cried after taking a bite of the beef teriyaki and would not eat another bite of anything. Save your money and DO NOT GO HERE!!!!

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