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John Harvard's is located right in the back end of the big open mall on Route 9 in Framingham. You might think it would be quiet with that back location, but in the evenings it is always JAM packed and waits can easily top an hour or more. There isn't much room to wait, either, so be sure to plan ahead! We did find it quieter one time we came by after a movie at 3pm on a weekday - but they have a reduced pub menu then.

The decor is shiny wood, brass, and the bar area is integral to the restaurant. The tables are all close together, and with the wood and lack of fabric, it is LOUD. You often have to shout to be heard here.

The food and beer are well worth it, though. I've eaten here several times and always love the dishes. The Asian quesadillas are a personal favorite of mine, with the delicious sauce going perfectly with the crisp dough. They serve fresh bread with olive oil, which I tend to avoid on my low carb lifestyle. If you're a nachos fan, they are quite tasty!

Main dishes are great, and range from $5 salads to $15+ dishes of salmon. They are very good about substituting out the garlic mashed potatoes and adding in more fresh squash combo veggies. Everything is just delicious, I tend to go for the salmon and fish dishes myself. My friends have tried other dishes and loved them.

There are only a few desserts but they are pretty tasty. There's a HUGE cookie that is served with ice cream, plus several other dishes that rotate through.

There's always a new mix of beer on tap, depending on when you show up. You can get a sampler to try out a few of them, if you wish. They also have wine, although you only get to ask for generic 'merlot' or 'chardonnay'. This is really a beer place, after all.

With the place being so jam-packed, it is impressive how responsive the typically staff is. They're always on hand and willing to help out in any way they can. Ironically the only time I've had an issue was when we were there at lunch, when the place was practically empty.

Well worth the line to get in!

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