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Thyme's Square once had the reputation as a very high-end, eclectic menu restaurant on Pleasant Street. If you're familiar with this area of Worcester, you know it is best known for its cheap Chinese, its cheap Pizza, and not much else. This really wasn't an ideal place for a fancy restaurant. They changed the menu to have more of a traditional American fare, to better suit the client.

We walked to Thyme's for a late lunch, after a few hours at the Tu Moda Day Spa. This was only a 3 block walk, and even so we were approached by a woman looking for bus money. Just a few blocks away is the notorious Piedmont Street, known for its streetwalkers. It's no suprise that this restaurant has one sign and a nondescript door leading into its main restaurant area.

The inside of the restaurant is quite nice, with a nice mix of small round tables, larger square tables and curved benches with nice cushions. A wood bar offers a few seats in the center of the main restaurant area. The walls are dark rose, with a dark city skyscape painted along one wall. Mirrors make the room look larger.

The prices were reasonable - $3.50 for soup, $5-$8 for salads. They had a variety of sandwiches, and then the pasta selection. You could choose from five types of pastas, around 8 types of sauces from alfredo to tomato basil to vinaigrette. You could mix and match to your heart's content, and even add in scallops, shrimp or primavera. My friend went with penne with tomato and basil. I went with tortollini with alfredo sauce and primavera.

We were the only people there, and the foot arrived quickly in large bowls, along with fresh rolls. The food was delicious, and if anything a bit TOO hot - I kept burning my tongue on the broccoli as I ate my way through the dish. There was far more than either of us could eat. We talked for quite a while, occasionally glancing at the 2 TV sets to see what was going on in the world. The waitress was quite helpful and did not hurry us in any way. On the other hand, I went through my first glass of water rather quickly and she never refilled it.

I'd recommend this well for the food and the nice atmosphere inside - but do keep in mind that you have to get into this neighborhood in the first place, and from your car to the restaurant.

Menu: Nice collection of sandwiches and pastas
Wine List: More about interesting cocktails
Dress: Casual to nice
Staff: Generally friendly and attentive

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