Admiral TJ O'Brien's - Sturbridge
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Rating: 3 / 5

Admiral TJ O'Brien's is actually sort of hard to find - there is a sign up on the main strip, but it's easy to miss it - and the restaurant itself is down around the back side of another building. It's well worth it to drive slowly when you're looking to stop at this restaurant.

This is a friendly, casual family dining sort of place, with a sun room and a main bar area. There are quite a few beer choices on tap, and the dinner fare ranges from chicken fingers to popocorn shrip and "USS" wings. A nice mix of comfort food, many with nautical-sounding names.

You're brought simple rolls and butter with your meal, and quite 80s rock plays in the background as you eat. We enjoyed our stuffed mushrooms and Caribbean Catfish. Service was prompt and very friendly.

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