Rock Pond Restaurant - Georgetown
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Our first visit to this restaurant was fine. We returned 6 months later. This is primarily Lebanese cuisiene which is very good; but, on the latter occasion two of us ordered steak. Each of received a hugh piece of gristle, not cooked as ordered and impossible to eat. We quietly complained to the waitress and a man of about 45 yrs of age approached our table, berating us for complaining about the steak. At this stage our table of four was the center of unwanted attention, unwanted attention. We had really enjoyed this place on the earlier visit, having visited to hear Sylvia Greenberg. When asked who he was, he loudly boasted that he was the son of one of the owners. When he left, a table next to us remarked that it was lucky we hadn't ordered roast beef, as that was worse. Evidently they know how to cook lamb; but, their skill ends there. Too bad, the rehab of what was essentially a horrible old roadhouse has been beauti-fully done. Too bad they have not a clue as to how to treat customers. We had sent many customers there after our first experience. Let us hope that they weren't treated as we were the second time around. We won't return.

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