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Rating: 5 / 5

I was a huge fan of the Tianos Restaurant and was sad when I had heard they had closed down. Luckily, they were just moving and changing their name. They are now the TiNovo restaurant, located right near downtown Worcester. They are in a GORGEOUS, gorgeous building. It's an old home that has been redone as the restaurant. There's an elegant bar on the first floor, and then the dining rooms are upstairs. The architectual detail in these rooms are just stunning. I had dinner here with a woman who is an art school graduate and she was gushing over the rooms all night long. She promptly brought another group of friends back the following week, and they had an equally fantastic time.

The food from start to finish was delicious. I hear this from every person I take here - and they then hear it from every person they take. It's the type of place that, once you've been here, you want to take all your friends to. The appetizers are delicious. The main courses are delicious. The desserts are delicious! You end up not finishing the main course, but want to take it home so you don't waste the food. You then of course have to try the dessert and I end up taking half of the dessert home.

The presentations are stunning. Sometime I'll take a camera in with me to post some photos of the dishes. You are getting works of art presented to you.

The waitresses were very helpful, friendly, and willing to do anything to please. They found out details about the ingredients in the meals. They told us the history of the rooms. They were quick, prompt and always had a smile.

With each room only holding a few tables, even with the wood walls, floors and glass windows there was still a relatively quiet atmopshere.

Highly, highly recommended.

Menu: Elegant options, all delicious
Wine List: Good selection including half bottles
Dress: Nice - skirts, dresses, collared shirts, nice jeans are OK
Staff: Quite friendly and helpful, willing to do extras to please

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