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Brew City Grill is located on the rightly famous Shrewsbury Street in Worcester. This is a mecca for fine and fun dining. Brew City Grill is one of the more comfortable, casual locations on the street. It's got red brick walls, open pipe ceiling and a loud but fun atmosphere. I suppose it's just what you would expect from a brew house.

The tables are cool with embedded shapes beneath the surface. There are all sorts of little details here that show someone put a lot of effort into making this room Just Right. The beer list is HUGE - you could find beer from around the world here. This would be somewhere to go with a beer fan and try a sample set, or maybe go back every week to try to try every beer at least once.

There are a lot of food options - garlic bread, fried mushrooms, pizzas, sandwiches, steaks. I'm a seafood person so I went with the swordfish - it was delicious. Desserts were tasty, too.

Perfect for a night out with the guys or girls, when you want to kick back, relax, talk and enjoy a fun time!

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