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It seems that pretty much every restaurant on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester is fun and delicious - and the Flying Rhino is no exception. My boyfriend was busy on Valentine's Day (go figure!!) so I went out with a female friend of mine to keep her company. We chose the Flying Rhino because it seemed like a perfect, fun place to enjoy the evening.

The restaurant is simply gorgeous inside. There are stained glass windows, interesting paintings on the walls, hand painted tablecloths, and even the plateware has varied, lovely designs on it. It's like a medley for the eyes. The waitstaff was all quite friendly and made you feel like you really were welcomed and taken care of.

The food was delicious. It's sort of a mix of oriental, Thai, eclectic, and anything else you can imagine. I love the tuna tartare and had to choose it from amongst several other options that sounded equally yummy. I went for the tuna main course too - but I'm scanning the online menu now to see what my other options were and they are ALL just so delicious sounding. This isn't a place you go and have to "settle" on something. It's a restaurant where you want to go back every week so you can try everything on the menu at least once. Maybe twice.

They've got really cool mixed drinks, and the desserts are to die for. OK pretty much everything here is wonderful.

If there's anything at all to complain about, it's that the driveway is pretty must a 45 degree angle that you're supposed to drive up to get out of :) This is fine in the summer, but in winter we saw MANY people not making it up the driveway and having to go out onto Shrewsbury Street instead. People who had to actually park on the incline were taking their chances.

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